Pressure Washing Eugene OROur painting customers have discovered that it is important before having the exterior of their home or office painted that a thorough pressure washing Eugene OR service should take place. The accumulation of dirt, mold and other airborne particles will attach to a home’s painted finish. After a few years of exposure, those elements cause a build-up of residue that is detrimental to the adhesion of a fresh coat of paint. The effect after a short length of time is peeling and flaking that result in a totally unacceptable finish.

As a professional painting service company, we believe in the process of pressure washing Eugene OR homes and commercial buildings before we paint. It would be a disservice to our clients if we took a shortcut and did not pressure clean the surface. This added step will add only slightly to the overall cost of repainting, but will more than pay for itself in the longevity and quality of the finished product. Often homeowners, in an effort to save a few dollars, will attempt to pressure wash on their own before their painter arrives on the scene.

While some people may have some experience and be skilled in power washing, many more are not equipped to do the job proficiently. Their equipment may be too powerful and they are unable to regulate the amount of the water pressure. The resulting work can often leave depressions and waves in the surface that will show up as a distorted final finish after the paint has dried.

To achieve the best results when pressure washing Eugene OR homes or businesses, our painting company uses very sensitive equipment that can be controlled to emit only the exact amount of water pressure needed to clean the surface of exterior siding and overhead surfaces. That is of great importance when cleaning soft woods like cedar and pine.

As professional painters with many years of experience, we recommend that you power wash before painting. Call us for a free estimate on both pressure-washing and painting your Eugene, Oregon home. All our work is done by highly skilled professionals who take great pride in their craft and workmanship.