Exterior Painting Eugene ORAffinity Painting is a painting company with a strong focus on customer service and quality. We have a strong belief that our business grows best when clients are satisfied far beyond their expectations. Our business keeps expanding through our referrals. Every satisfied customer opens new doors for us.

We offer residential and commercial exterior painting services. We can make sure that the job gets done right, down to every detail, from start to finish. We start out by visiting the client at the site to be painted. We take a look at the job, get to know the client, and work up a free estimate for the project. If it is a fairly simple job, we can give you the estimate on the spot. For more complex work, we can deliver an estimate within 24 hours. Unlike other painting contractors in Eugene, we do not send salespeople to give estimates. We send experienced professionals who have worked on a wide variety of projects and who know how to do things right. Their job is not to give the client a sales pitch, but to listen to the client’s needs, concerns and desires. Our people can express every step of the process to you. We are happy when a customer asks for something out of the ordinary because it gives us a chance to have another satisfied client who will not hesitate to refer us for more projects or use our services again.

We love repeat business. We realize that customer satisfaction relies to a great degree upon our reliability and integrity. When we say something, we mean it. We will never raise an estimate unless you add more work or request changes. If we say we will be on the job at 6:00 AM, we will be there. We guarantee everything we paint. If you need exterior painting Eugene or throughout the suburbs, you have found the right company and that is Affinity Painting.

Exterior painting Eugene OR, means preparing every surface prior to applying the paint. We scrape off all the loose paint, but we do not leave it on the ground. We will then sand and power-wash all surfaces. Everything depends on proper adhesion that only works when the preparation prior to painting is done right. When the surface is ready, we prime and paint with the best materials for the particular paint job. We pride ourselves at keeping up to date with the latest technology in the painting industry. This knowledge ensures long-lasting results that reduce our customer’s costs. When you work with exterior painting Eugene OR, we will perform with the highest quality of materials so that your painting project lasts for years to come.

If you need exterior painting in the Eugene area, we are here to serve you. We expect our clients to demand the kind of quality, integrity; customer service and dependability that has helped our business grow for years. Nobody should have to settle for less. Beware of the types of painting contractors who don’t feel the need to develop long-term relationships with customers and think that their businesses can grow without referrals. We have been around for years and we are here for the long haul. Our livelihoods depend on your satisfaction and Affinity Paintings business thrives on this type of customer satisfaction. We can and will exceed your expectations.