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Interior or exterior painting presents an opportunity to open up the options on decor styles. White is typically the go-to color simply because the decision-making process can be so daunting, but it need not be such a challenge. Eugene painters have the expertise not only to deal with a robust color palette, they know what type of painted is needed for each particular application.

Painting on the West Coast

There are a number of considerations when it comes to residing on the West Coast. The moisture in the air requires paint that can withstand the challenge. Coastal properties bear the brunt of intense sunshine and salt spray, which is also driven by winter storms. Spray that dries leaves a coating of salt that must be cleaned before applying any paint to the surfaces. Expert preparation and quality workmanship result in a completed project that stands both the test of time and the elements.

There are natural colors to the landscape that present opportunities to enhance the interior design as well as complement the neighborhood, the roof, or other elements that will be there for some time. In all applications, preparation is key to a quality paint job. Careful engagement with clients to know what they are looking for and selecting the right paints to deliver on that vision ensure a quality job completed by professionals who know what it takes to deliver on the promise of complete customer satisfaction.

More Choices in Paint Products

Eugene Painters have the knowledge of the many qualities of the different paints available today to paint both residential and commercial sites. The focus is on what is being painted, whether it is exterior or interior walls, ceilings, molding and even furniture, such as cabinets. Paint is the most versatile design medium. Further, there are more environmentally friendly paints that are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and have an elastic quality allowing them to resist cracking and chipping with more stable colors to last over time without yellowing.

Faux Finish a Specialty

The quality painting performed today takes advantage of much more than color. The textures and faux finishes add depth and dimension contributing to the architectural esthetic. The options include natural pigments, metallic effects and soft washes. Milk and lime paint are suitable for absorbent surfaces such as wood, clay, plaster or Terra cotta. French polish or beeswax finishes provide the shine and finish to surfaces that are growing in popularity. There are also pigmented plasters that open up the possibilities for texture and effects. Eugene Painters are specialists in these and other painting mediums as well as a variety of faux effects designed to produce the desired results.